Sunday School


1)    The  Sunday School classes will commence this Friday at 10.30 a.m, directly with classes. Following the classes, we will have the Holy Qurbana service. All teachers are kindly requested to attend the service and encourage the students to attend the worship.

2)    On Friday, the UAQ Sunday school  will begin at 5.00pm. On Saturday, the sessions will begin at 10.00am after the Holy Qurbana.        

3)    Teachers Course Certificate  Examination will be held on next Friday, 22nd March, 2019.

4)     A ‘Training session for Quiz competition’ will be held on next Friday, 22nd of March  from 12.30 p.m to 2.00 p.m.

5)    God willing, the Children’s Convention will be held on Friday, 29th of March from 11.30 a.m to 1.30 p.m and on Saturday,30th of March from 7.00 p.m to 9.00 p.m.Mr. Blessen Mathew Varughese will be the main speaker. Kindly uphold the Children’s convention in your prayers.  Please inform the students to attend the convention with keenness and be blessed.

6)    Memory Verse Competition will be held on the  5th & 6th April, after the Sunday School classes(except Young Adult 1) at the respective Sunday School Sessions (Friday,Saturday&UAQ). There will be no singing session.

Nursery 1 to Primary 1 students will have Oral exam and Junior 1 to Young Adult 2, Written exam. Please note that Bible reference is compulsory for Senior to Young Adult students.

7)    Mrs. Susan Philip has been chosen as the Prayer Cell Convener during the Teacher’s meeting. Specific prayer requests, if any can be shared with the convener hereafter.


1. Sunday school classes begin at 10:30 AM every Friday.

2. Please contact Sunday school office for new admissions. Admission forms can also be downloaded from our parish website.

Head Master: Mr. Varghese Samuel - 050 7278925
Secretary: Mr. Manoj T. Varghese - 050 4545639
Asst. Head Master: Mrs. Mercy Mathew - 050 5275432


1. Sunday school classes begin at 10:30 AM every Friday.
2. Please contact Sunday school office for new admissions. Admission forms can also be downloaded from our parish website.

Arts Competition 2019

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I WILL SING : <<Play>>    <<Pause>>
EVERY SINGLE CELL : <<Play>>    <<Pause>>
ALIVE ALIVE : <<Play>>    <<Pause>>
66 - Jeevane En Jeevane : <<Play>>    <<Pause>>

409 - My hope is built on : <<Play>>    <<Pause>>
357 - Ma Paapi : <<Play>>    <<Pause>>
33 - Revive Thy work : <<Play>>    <<Pause>>
31 - There shall be showers : <<Play>>    <<Pause>>

300 - Sowing in the morning : <<Play>>    <<Pause>>
290 - When the trumphet : <<Play>>    <<Pause>>
282 - Safe in the arms of Jesus : <<Play>>    <<Pause>>
256 - Yesu Aarilum : <<Play>>    <<Pause>>

236 - Just as I am : <<Play>>    <<Pause>>
218 - Swantham : <<Play>>    <<Pause>>
202 - Madhuram : <<Play>>    <<Pause>>
199 - Nalla Dhevane : <<Play>>    <<Pause>>

178 - Vilayeriya Kaalam : <<Play>>    <<Pause>>
176 - Have you been to Jesus : <<Play>>    <<Pause>>
164 - Rakshithavine : <<Play>>    <<Pause>>


President : Rev. Sibi T Mathews
Vice President : Rev. Sunil M. John
Student's Chaplain : Rev. Sajesh Mathews
Headmaster : Mr. Varghese Samuel 050 7278925
Asst. Headmaster : Mrs. Mercy Mathew 050 5275432
Secretary : Mr. Shibu Thomas 050 5373928
JT. Secretary : Mr. Stanly John 055 4880390
Treasurer : Mr. Thomas John 055 9565584
Accountant : Mr. P C Jacob 050 4982140
K. Samithi Rep. : Mr. Shibu Thomas 050 5373928
Samajam Rep : Mr. Rency Mathew 055 3614229
Diocesan Rep. :Mr. Manoj T. Varghese 050 4545639
Auditors : Mrs. Meeva Thomas 050 4870611
Our Sunday School plays a vital role to train our children and making them to grow in to the spirit of our Lord Jesus Christ. As a registered unit in Malankara Mar Thoma Sunday school Samajam, Sharjah Mar Thoma Sunday School started to function with a humble beginning soon after the formation of a full fledged parish in Sharjah in the year 1978. The numbers of children were very less in the early years since we had only a few Marthomite families in Sharjah that time. However, as a result of more families and youths from different parts of Kerala started to settle down in Sharjah, the daily attendance hence began to increase significantly and this process is still continuing. We have now over thousand students and 110 teachers in our Sunday school. Children from other Christian denominations are also coming to our Sunday School.

Our Vicars, Headmasters, Office bearers & Teachers from time to time with the wholehearted support and patronage of our Parish played a major role for bringing our Sunday School up to the present level. As the result of their great leadership and dedication our Sunday School has now won the honour as the biggest unit in Malankara Mar Thoma Sunday School Samajam. All praise to the Lord for his wonderful mercy and blessings.

Sunday School begins at 1015 hours on every Friday with a general assembly. There will be singing secession, worship & birthday felicitation, prior to dispersing for the classes. We have a well trained and talented choir in our Sunday School. Arts competition, memory verse competition, teen agers' meetings & retreats etc. are our main extra curricular activities. Every year we conduct VBS and the average attendance per day is 1200. Our Sunday School honours the toppers for the CBSE & SSLC Examinations every year. We are following the curriculum introduced by the Samajam and conduct the examination accordingly. In accordance with the schedule of the Sunday School Samajam, from January 2007 onwards, our academic year will be January to December.