Sevika Sangham

The Sevika Sanghom activities started in 1978 when the Sharjah Marthoma Parish was formed on the authorization of Most. Rev. Dr. Alexander Marthoma Metropolitan, Head of the Marthoma Syrian Christian Church of Malabar. After its formation on 10 th September 1978 the Sevika Sangham has completed 28 years. Every Sanghom meetings we have Bible study classes, intercessory prayer and devotional talks under the guidance of the Parish Vicars. On special occasions meetings are also held at the residence of the members. The members also visit those who are sick or facing any other difficulties and conduct prayers and offer encouragement. Occasionally, cooking classes, medical discussions and arts & crafts presentations are arranged. Since 2005, the Sanghom has been conducting fasting prayers every third Sunday of the month from 9.30 to 12 noon

Ivy Mathew
Vice President J028
Jiss Mary Mammen
Secretary M216
Mariamma Koshy
Treasurer K057
Rinila Rajeev
Accountant R196